Armfit Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use Bluetooth

Armfit Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machines for Home Use Bluetooth

A reliable smart blood pressure monitor

Medically Accurate and trusted among the doctors. A reliable and professional blood pressure monitor. You can record the name, note and share the report to your doctor on each set of blood pressure data. APP filters and tracks historical data and trends of different users.

Secure Data Management on Smart APP

Store or share unlimited data on the smartphone app “ViHealth”, “Apple health” integrated, one click to share the reports to your doctors. (50 sets of blood pressure data memory in the device, allowing it to work independently without a smartphone.)

Innovative Wireless Large Cuff (8.7-16.5in) and Easy to Use

Just wrap the cuff around your upper arm and assume proper sitting position. One click to start the measurement and one click to review the data on the device. Easy to operate.

Portable and On The Go

Compact, one-piece design makes it easy to monitor your blood pressure in the comfort of your home, whilst traveling or at work.

What You Will Get

  • Integrated Bluetooth blood pressure monitor
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Professional after-sales service
  • 12-month warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this blood pressure monitor without a smartphone?

Yes, the device has a memory capacity of 50 sets of blood pressure data, allowing it to work independently without a smartphone.

2. Is the cuff adjustable for different arm sizes?

Yes, the wireless cuff is designed to fit arm sizes ranging from 8.7 to 16.5 inches.

3. Can I share the blood pressure reports with my doctor?

Yes, the smartphone app “ViHealth” allows you to easily share the reports with your doctors.


The Armfit Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine is a reliable and smart blood pressure monitor that provides accurate readings. With its innovative wireless large cuff and easy-to-use design, monitoring your blood pressure has never been easier. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or at work, this portable device allows you to track your blood pressure conveniently. With secure data management on the smart app, you can store and share unlimited data with your doctors. Get the Armfit Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine and take control of your health today.