Cabosil Filler – FUMED Silica Powder Thickener

Cabosil Filler – FUMED Silica Powder Thickener

Cabosil Filler – FUMED Silica Powder Thickener

Lab X Creations presents Cabosil Filler, a hydrophilic fumed silica powder thickener that is perfect for various applications. With a 1-gallon volume, this product is designed to meet the challenging performance requirements of customers in a wide range of industries.

Exceptional Performance Benefits

Our FUMED Silica Powder Thickener offers superior performance benefits for many types of applications. It can be used as an adhesive, sealant, coating, composite, grease, silicone, epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyester resin, paint, and more. It is even suitable for beauty and skincare products, including toners.

Reinforce Your DIY Projects

By adding Cabosil Filler to resins or liquids, you can easily thicken them without adding significant weight. This provides superior strength and abilities for filling voids in projects like boat building or repair over fiberglass. It can also provide support for structures, such as stringers, and reinforce potential weak points, resulting in a better and stronger boat.

Performance Benefits

  • Reduced moisture adsorption
  • Anti-settling
  • Thickening and sag-resistance
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Free-flowing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reinforcement
Product Details

This product contains 7 ounces of Fumed Silica. While it is not considered a hazardous substance, the extremely fine particles of fumed silica can easily become airborne and irritate a person’s airways. Therefore, it is important to always wear protective clothing and a particulate mask while using fumed silica to prevent accidental inhalation.

Order Now

Get your 1-gallon volume of Cabosil Filler today and reinforce your DIY projects with ease. Store it in a clean and dry location to prevent any damage during transit. Order now and experience the exceptional performance benefits of our hydrophilic fumed silica powder thickener!