Coco Chip Mulch (60L) – 100% Natural Eco-friendly Coir Mulch

Coco Chip Mulch (60L) – 100% Natural Eco-friendly Coir Mulch

Coco Chip Mulch (60L) – 100% Natural Eco-friendly Coir Mulch


Welcome to the world of Coco Chip Mulch, a revolutionary 100% natural and eco-friendly coir mulch that will transform your gardening experience. Made from coconut by-products, this mulch not only protects your plants but also enriches the soil and retains moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering. Say goodbye to weeds and slugs, and say hello to flourishing plants with Coco Chip Mulch.

Main Benefits

1. 100% Natural

Coco Chip Mulch is made from coconut by-products, making it a completely natural and sustainable option for your garden. By using this mulch, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

2. Weed and Slug Prevention

Say goodbye to pesky weeds and slugs that hinder the growth of your plants. Coco Chip Mulch reduces weed growth by up to 90% and significantly deters slugs and snails, allowing your plants to thrive without competition.

3. Root Protection

A layer of Coco Chip Mulch acts as a protective shield for the plant base, increasing soil temperature and providing structural support to strengthen root systems. This ensures healthier and more resilient plants.

4. Easy to Use

With its lightweight and easy-to-carry design, Coco Chip Mulch is a breeze to use. Simply add the recommended amount of water and fluff up the mulch to start enjoying its many benefits. No complicated procedures or tools required.

5. Easy to Store

Worried about storage space? Don’t be. Coco Chip Mulch comes in a compressed form, measuring just 30cm x 30cm x 15cm and weighing 4.5kg. It can be easily stored in cupboards, even in smaller homes. The mulch preserves perfectly until wet, ensuring its freshness and effectiveness.


Coco Chip Mulch is the ultimate solution for eco-conscious gardeners who want to protect their plants, prevent weeds and slugs, and enhance root systems. With its 100% natural composition and easy-to-use design, this coir mulch is a game-changer in the gardening world. Say goodbye to traditional mulching methods and embrace the benefits of Coco Chip Mulch. Your plants will thank you.