D-Arts Thanatos – The God of Death

D-Arts Thanatos – The God of Death

D-Arts Thanatos – The God of Death


The D-Arts Thanatos is a highly detailed action figure based on the popular Persona series. This figure represents the “God of Death” persona that awakens within the hero in Persona 3. With its unique design and intricate details, the D-Arts Thanatos is a must-have for any Persona fan.

Main Features

  • Highly detailed action figure
  • Features the characteristic chain around the shoulder
  • Skirt made of soft material
  • Includes a movable coffin chain
  • Movable base allows for up and down movement
  • Chin can be opened and closed
  • Comes with various action poses
  • Includes a stiletto pedestal
  • Persona series exclusive
  • Comes with a stand

Product Description

The D-Arts Thanatos is a second edition release from the Persona series. It represents the “God of Death” persona, Thanatos, in its awakened form. The figure is meticulously crafted to capture all the intricate details of the character.

The soft material used for the skirt and the actual chain around the shoulder adds a realistic touch to the figure. The movable coffin chain at the back can be adjusted up and down using the movable axis of the base.

One of the unique features of the D-Arts Thanatos is the ability to open and close its chin. This allows for a variety of action poses, making it a versatile figure for display or play.

The set includes the main body of the figure, a stiletto, and a stand. The figure stands at approximately 165mm in height, making it a perfect addition to any Persona collection.

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