Dash Cam 10 Inches IPS Screen Full HD 1080P Car Camera

Dash Cam 10 Inches IPS Screen Full HD 1080P Car Camera


The Dash Cam 10 Inches IPS Screen Full HD 1080P Car Camera is a high-quality car camera that provides clear and detailed footage of the road ahead and behind you. It features a 10-inch HD IPS screen that allows for easy viewing and reading of license plates, even in low light conditions. The camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens and a F2.0 aperture, ensuring a wide field of vision and excellent image quality.


– Dual cameras: The Dash Cam simultaneously records the road ahead and behind you, ensuring your safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.
– High resolution: Choose between 1080P front camera + 720P rear view camera or 1080P backup camera + 720P front camera for high-quality footage.
– Streaming video mirror: The streaming video mirror provides a four times greater field of vision than a traditional rear view mirror, improving safety and visibility.
– Loop recording: The camera automatically overwrites older segments when the storage space is full, ensuring continuous recording without the need to worry about the SD card being full.
– G-sensor: The integrated G-sensor automatically locks recorded videos when a collision is detected, ensuring important footage is saved and protected.
– Parking assistance: The rearview camera powers on automatically when shifting into reverse gear, providing a wide 140-degree viewing angle to eliminate blind spots and improve safety.
– Easy installation and operation: The camera can be easily mounted on an existing rearview mirror and powered through the car’s cigarette lighter. The parking monitoring feature requires continuous power from an external battery pack or hardwire.


1. Can I adjust the camera’s angle?

Yes, the camera’s angle can be adjusted to ensure the best field of vision.

2. How long is the cable of the rear camera?

The cable of the rear camera is 8.0 meters (26.2 feet), providing flexibility in installation.

3. What is the maximum supported SD card size?

The camera supports a maximum of 64GB micro SD card (SD card not included). We recommend using a high-quality Class 10 SD card.

4. How do I use the camera as a regular rearview mirror?

You can use the screen saver function of the dash cam or hold down the power button to use it as a regular rearview mirror.


The Dash Cam 10 Inches IPS Screen Full HD 1080P Car Camera is a reliable and feature-packed car camera that ensures your safety on the road. With its high-resolution dual cameras, streaming video mirror, and advanced features like loop recording and parking assistance, it provides a comprehensive solution for capturing clear and detailed footage. Easy to install and operate, this dash cam is a must-have for any car owner.