EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs – Product Description

EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs – Product Description

EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs

Stay organized and take your note-taking to the next level with the EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs. This 3 pack of A4 letter size notebooks is designed to meet all your writing needs, whether you’re at work, in the office, or at school.

Product Features

High-Quality Construction

The EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs features a durable black hardcover that protects your notes from wear and tear. The spiral binding allows for easy flipping of pages, making it convenient to write on both sides of the paper.

5 Subject Notebook

With 120 sheets/240 pages, this notebook provides ample space for all your notes and ideas. The 5 subject dividers with tabs make it easy to organize your thoughts and find specific sections quickly.

College Ruled Paper

The 100GSM college ruled paper ensures a smooth writing experience. The lines are evenly spaced, allowing you to write neatly and legibly. Whether you’re taking notes, making lists, or brainstorming, this notebook is perfect for all your writing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this notebook for different subjects?

Yes, the EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs is designed to be versatile. With its 5 subject dividers, you can easily separate your notes for different subjects or projects.

2. Is the paper thick enough to prevent ink bleeding?

Definitely! The 100GSM college ruled paper is thick enough to prevent ink bleeding. You can use any pen or marker without worrying about smudging or feathering.

3. Can I tear out pages without damaging the notebook?

Yes, the spiral binding allows you to tear out pages cleanly without damaging the rest of the notebook. This feature is especially useful when you want to share your notes or discard any unnecessary pages.


The EUSOAR Notebook with Tabs is the perfect companion for anyone who values organization and efficiency. With its high-quality construction, 5 subject dividers, and college ruled paper, this notebook will help you stay on top of your note-taking game. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone who loves to write, this notebook is a must-have. Get your pack today and experience the joy of organized note-taking!