KeyGrabber USB KeyLogger Nano 8MB White

KeyGrabber USB KeyLogger Nano 8MB White

KeyGrabber USB KeyLogger Nano 8MB White

Small, smaller, smallest

What is the weakest point of most hardware keyloggers? Size! A short glimpse behind the computer will disclose even the most sophisticated keylogger. This has now changed with the KeyGrabber Nano. Being only one inch long, this is the first truly stealthy keylogger, not only to software, but also to the human eye.

Features of the KeyGrabber Nano

  • Ultra-compact housing
  • 8 Megabytes of internal memory
  • Transparent to computer operation
  • Undetectable for security scanners
  • No software or drivers required
  • Operating system independent
  • Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption
  • Huge memory capacity (8 MB), organized as a flash file system

Easy to Use

Recording keystrokes has never been easier with the KeyGrabber Nano. Simply plug the keylogger in-between the keyboard and the computer. To view the recorded data, switch the keylogger to Flash Drive mode, and it will pop-up as a removable drive containing a log file. The recorded data may be retrieved on any other computer with a USB port and keyboard, by switching to Flash Drive mode.

Stealthy and Secure

The KeyGrabber Nano is 100% transparent for computer operation. It does not require any software or drivers, making it undetectable for security scanners. Additionally, the internal memory is protected with strong 128-bit encryption, ensuring that your recorded data remains secure.

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