Metal Gears & Wheels 60 Pcs – Watch Findings DIY Crafts Jewelry Making

Metal Gears & Wheels 60 Pcs – Watch Findings, DIY Crafts, Jewelry Making

Metal Gears & Wheels 60 Pcs


Welcome to the world of Metal Gears & Wheels 60 Pcs! If you are a fan of DIY crafts, jewelry making, or steampunk charms, then you have come to the right place. With this set of 60 bronze tone accessories, you can let your creativity run wild and create unique and stunning pieces.

Main Uses

Watch Findings

One of the main uses of Metal Gears & Wheels is in watch findings. These accessories can add a touch of vintage charm to any watch, giving it a steampunk-inspired look. Whether you are repairing an old watch or designing a new one, these gears and wheels will elevate the overall aesthetic.

DIY Crafts

With Metal Gears & Wheels, the possibilities for DIY crafts are endless. You can incorporate them into various projects such as scrapbooking, card making, or even home decor. These accessories will add a unique and industrial touch to your creations, making them stand out from the crowd.

Jewelry Making

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, Metal Gears & Wheels are a must-have in your collection. These accessories can be used to create stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Combine them with other elements like chains, beads, and pendants to design one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personal style.

Steampunk Charms

Steampunk fashion is all about blending Victorian aesthetics with industrial elements. Metal Gears & Wheels are perfect for adding that steampunk charm to your outfits. Use them as charms on bracelets, pendants on necklaces, or even as embellishments on clothing. Let your imagination run wild and create unique steampunk-inspired accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pieces are included in the Metal Gears & Wheels set?

The Metal Gears & Wheels set includes a total of 60 pieces, with 12 of each design.

2. Are these accessories made of real metal?

Yes, these accessories are made of high-quality metal, ensuring durability and a genuine vintage look.

3. Can I use these gears and wheels for other crafts apart from jewelry making?

Absolutely! These accessories are versatile and can be used in various DIY crafts such as scrapbooking, card making, and home decor.

4. Do the gears and wheels come in different colors?

No, the Metal Gears & Wheels set is available in a beautiful bronze tone, which adds to their vintage appeal.

5. Can I mix and match these accessories with other jewelry findings?

Definitely! These gears and wheels can be easily combined with other jewelry findings like jump rings, clasps, and chains to create unique and personalized pieces.


In conclusion, Metal Gears & Wheels 60 Pcs are a must-have for anyone interested in DIY crafts, jewelry making, or steampunk fashion. With their vintage bronze tone and versatile designs, these accessories will take your creations to the next level. Let your imagination run wild and start creating unique and stunning pieces today!