SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL – RGB Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL – RGB Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL – RGB Gaming Keyboard


The SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL is a high-performance gaming keyboard designed for esports enthusiasts. With its compact tenkeyless form factor and advanced features, it offers a superior gaming experience.

Main Features

  • 8-Zone RGB Illumination
  • IP32 Water & Dust Resistant
  • German QWERTZ Layout
  • Whisper Quiet Gaming Switches
  • Anti-Ghosting Technology
  • Dedicated Multimedia Controls

8-Zone RGB Illumination

The SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL features 8-zone RGB illumination, allowing you to choose from millions of colors and effects. From reactive lighting to interactive lightshows, you can customize your keyboard to match your gaming setup and create an immersive gaming experience.

IP32 Water & Dust Resistant

This gaming keyboard is designed with IP32 water and dust resistance, providing extra durability and protection. You can continue to play without worrying about damage from liquids or dust particles. The keyboard is built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions.

German QWERTZ Layout

The layout of this keyboard is German QWERTZ, which may differ from some of the images shown that display the American layout. Please ensure that the most up-to-date firmware is installed using SteelSeries Engine.

Whisper Quiet Gaming Switches

The SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL is equipped with whisper quiet gaming switches. These switches are made from durable low friction material, ensuring near-silent use and guaranteed performance for over 20 million keypresses. You can enjoy a quiet and responsive gaming experience without disturbing others.

Anti-Ghosting Technology

With anti-ghosting technology, this gaming keyboard ensures keystroke accuracy even during intense gaming sessions. You can press multiple keys simultaneously without any keypresses being missed. This feature allows for precise and reliable input, giving you a competitive edge in your gameplay.

Dedicated Multimedia Controls

The SteelSeries 64833 Apex 3 TKL comes with dedicated multimedia controls, including a clickable volume roller and media keys. You can easily adjust the brightness, rewind, skip, or pause your media at the touch of a button. This convenient feature allows you to control your media without interrupting your gaming experience.

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