TOPARCHERY Fiberglass Youth Arrows

TOPARCHERY Fiberglass Youth Arrows

TOPARCHERY Fiberglass Youth Arrows

TOPARCHERY is a professional archery equipment manufacturer dedicated to creating the perfect archery experience for consumers. The Fiberglass arrow is one of TOPARCHERY’s ultra high-cost performance safety practice arrows, which undergoes 12 strict inspection procedures in the production process. It uses high strength and high straightness glass fiber shafts. These arrows are widely used in Recurve bows, Children’s bows, composite bows, and slingshots in archery halls, entertainment places, schools, families, parent-child entertainment, and other places. Archery is a very professional sport, and it is crucial to choose the right arrow to shoot according to the bow you use. A mismatched bow and arrow may damage your bow and compromise your safety during shooting. Attention must be paid!

Product Specifications

  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
  • Arrows body length: 28-inch
  • Shaft diameter: 7mm (O.D.)
  • Spine: 700
  • Vane: 2.5-inch vane
  • Suitable for: Recurve Bows
  • Suitable range: For draw weight 15-40 pounds
  • Condition: 100% New item
  • Package includes: 12 pieces of Fiberglass arrows

User Notice

The arrows are suitable for practice and not for hunting. Do not shoot against a concrete wall or any hard substance as this may damage the arrows. Always use a proper bow with a draw weight within the recommended value to avoid damaging both the bow and arrow. It is also important to use an arrow rest to prevent damage to the bow caused by any arrow.

Features and Benefits

  • Good quality TOPARCHERY arrows made of fiberglass for optimum accuracy and target penetration
  • Suitable for children’s bows and other bows with a draw weight below 40 lbs
  • Arrow’s vanes may be bent during transportation, but can be easily restored to their original shape by placing them in hot water
  • Relatively harmless arrows with minimized risk of injury
  • Perfect for children and adolescents

Indications for Use

Children should use or shoot these arrows under the supervision of an adult. Do not shoot at persons or animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these arrows suitable for hunting?
  2. No, these arrows are specifically designed for practice and not recommended for hunting.

  3. Can the vanes be restored if they are bent?
  4. Yes, if the plastic vanes are bent, you can put them in hot water (80℃-90℃) for a few minutes to restore their original shape.

  5. What is the length of these arrows?
  6. The length of these arrows is approximately 28 inches.

  7. What is the suitable draw weight for these arrows?
  8. These arrows are suitable for bows with a draw weight between 15-40 pounds.


The TOPARCHERY Fiberglass Youth Arrows are the perfect choice for target shooting practice. With their high-quality construction and strict inspection procedures, these arrows offer optimum accuracy and target penetration. Suitable for youth, children, women, and beginners, these arrows provide a safe and enjoyable archery experience. Remember to always use the right arrow for your bow to ensure both your bow’s longevity and your safety. Choose TOPARCHERY for a top-notch archery experience!