USWE Orange Grey Airborne 15 Hydration Pack

USWE Orange Grey Airborne 15 Hydration Pack

USWE Orange Grey Airborne 15 Hydration Pack

Built for the full day epic ride, the Airborne 15 makes sure you can bring all of the gear and hydration you need while providing a high-performance fit. This tiger-tank is our largest mountain bike pack with smart and well-sorted cargo capacity and 2.5 liters of hydration covering your rides.

The revolutionary No Dancing Monkey harness supports you to 100% and keeps the pack balanced and secured on your back whether you are powering up an uphill section or slamming over rocks. The inner weather-resistant pocket will keep your smartphone dry in harsh conditions, while your tools, food, and first-aid kit remain accessible in the organizer compartment.


  • Total volume 15L (12L cargo and 3L bladder)
  • Weight 710g ex. bladder
  • AeroGus back panel with foam ridges for ventilation
  • Twin port exit for tube from H2O-compartment
  • Attachment system for helmet (xc and full face)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much gear can the Airborne 15 hold?

The Airborne 15 has a total volume of 15L, with 12L dedicated to cargo and 3L for the bladder.

2. Is the pack comfortable to wear for long rides?

Yes, the No Dancing Monkey harness system ensures a secure and balanced fit, making it comfortable for long rides.

3. Can I keep my smartphone dry in harsh weather conditions?

Yes, the Airborne 15 features an inner weather-resistant pocket specifically designed to keep your smartphone dry.

4. Is there a specific compartment for organizing tools, food, and a first-aid kit?

Yes, the Airborne 15 has an organizer compartment that allows easy access to your tools, food, and first-aid kit.


The USWE Orange Grey Airborne 15 Hydration Pack is a top choice for mountain bikers looking for a high-performance pack that can carry all their gear and hydration needs. With its smart cargo capacity, secure harness system, and weather-resistant pocket, it offers both functionality and convenience for epic rides.