VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk – LegMax – LegEx

VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk – LegMax – LegEx

VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk – LegMax – LegEx


The VYTALIVING Circulation Sitwalk – LegMax – LegEx is a revolutionary device designed to improve blood circulation and maintain joint mobility for individuals with compromised movement. Whether you have long-term mobility issues or simply spend a lot of time sitting, this pacemaker-friendly device can help keep your legs active and alleviate common leg and foot problems.

What is the Circulation Sitwalk Leg Exerciser?

The Circulation Sitwalk Leg Exerciser is a passive exercise device that allows you to perform leg extension exercises while seated. It is specifically designed to improve circulation and range of motion in your legs. The device can be used in various settings, including under a desk while you work, making it convenient for individuals with busy lifestyles.

How It Works

The Sitwalk Leg Exerciser utilizes Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) to provide gentle and rejuvenating leg exercises. By moving back and forth, the footplates of the device stimulate the muscles in your calves, feet, and ankles. This stimulation helps reduce swelling caused by poor circulation and relieves aches and strains in your legs and feet. The therapy provided by the Sitwalk Leg Exerciser has been tried and tested, ensuring its effectiveness.

Especially For Elders

For individuals over 60 years old, age-related problems such as aches and pains in the lower legs and feet, poor blood circulation, swelling, discomfort, stiff joints, and leg cramps can be common. These issues are often a result of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of mobility. The Circulation Sitwalk Leg Exerciser is specifically designed to address these problems and provide relief. By incorporating the Sitwalk Leg Exerciser into your daily routine, you can improve your overall leg and foot health.

Simple To Use

The Circulation Sitwalk Leg Exerciser is incredibly easy to use. It is adjustable to accommodate your comfort level and comes with a remote control for convenient speed adjustments, stopping, or repeating sessions. To use the device, simply sit down, place your feet on the footplates, and switch it on. It’s as simple as that! Whether you want to use it as a circulation exercise machine for your feet and legs or as a revitalizing foot massager, the Sitwalk Leg Exerciser is a versatile and user-friendly device.

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